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HTC One S for T-Mobile USA

The HTC One S for T-Mobile is expected to arrive this month but the specific date is not yet known. Rumors indicate that the handset might land on April 22 but a new leak suggests that the release date might happen on a later date.

TMoNews have acquired documents indicating that the upcoming T-Mobile phone will be released on April 25. However, the leaks are scant on details and the price was not included. They do indicate that training for the HTC One S will begin on April and the phone's product page will appear on the carrier's Community site on the same date.

The majority of the details on the One S is already known since it has already been available on other markets. The specs and features on this phone is already available on the HTC website so it is by no means a mystery.

T-Mobile HTC One S release Date

Here's a video of a HTC One S unboxing. This phone is the international version but it should give one a good idea of how the T-Mobile version works and performs.

Stay tuned for more on the official release date for this handset.


It appears that the official release date will be revealed on April 18. T-Mobile has apparently sent out press invitations for a HTC One S special event happening in New York City. The event will happen on Wednesday, April 18 at 7.00 PM. Folks who attend the event will be treated to a musical performance by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

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