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There's no doubt that the Apple iPhone 4 is currently the hottest smartphone with AT&T and Apple struggling to keep up with consumer demand. However, some iPhone 4 owners have complained about a few issues and flaws that have been observed on the highly popular handset. A growing number of owners users have reported that holding the iPhone 4 has an effect on the signal strength and reports also indicate that the highly touted Retina display of some units are suffering from a bad case of discoloration.

Some iPhone 4 users have posted videos which demonstrate that the handset loses signal strength when held in the palm of one’s hand. A few units go from 5 bars of coverage to no service in less than a minute but the signal strength will be restored by putting the phone down. Here are a couple of videos that show this problem.

iPhone 4 users on various Apple forums are also complaining that a yellow mark in the bottom right corner of the IPS LCD. Fortunately, most devices look to be free of this problem. Here are more images that illustrate this discoloration.


Update 1: Reports also indicate that some iPhone 4s have slipped through quality assurance and are being shipped with reversed volume keys! This defect is only cosmetic as the keys still function normally with the top button as the volume up and the bottom as the volume down. These mistakes are being attributed to Foxconn, which is desperately ramping up manufacturing and shipping the iPhone 4 to keep up with demand.

Update 2:

Here are more iPhone defects and issues.

A number of users have complained that the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4 isn’t quite sensitive enough. This problem can lead to some significant in-call issues. Problems attributed to this proximity sensor issue include the contact with the user’s cheeks causing muted calls or hitting the end button.

There are also a number of complaints from iOS 4 users regarding difficulties with synchronizing their iDevice with their Exchange environments. This bug allegedly prevents iOS 4 from synchronizing email, calendar, or contact data from a users Exchange server to an iOS 4 device.


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