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The next major update for the Android platform may be available soon. Google has announced that developers may now avail of the software developer kit of Android version 1.6 or 'Donut'. This new software version is expected to provide new features to existing and upcoming Android devices in October.

The Android version 1.6 or 'Donut' will offer the following features:

  • new version of the Android Market.
  • completely re-worked search function
  • ability to search phone systems such as the browser bookmarks and history, contacts, and the Web from the desktop
  • redesigned camera, video recorder and gallery applications
  • revised VPN menu page
  • a way to see which applications are consuming the most battery power.
  • improved CDMA support
  • support for more screen resolutions
  • more telephony
  • gesture APIs
  • text-to-speech API with translation capabilities

Check out this video to learn more about the Android version 1.6 or 'Donut':


[Via: Engadget]

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