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A leaked video allegedly provided a preview of the Galaxy S 3 but the rumor mill has also churned out a new speculation for the upcoming iPhone for 2012.

The new rumor comes from a usual source. DigiTimes' anonymous sources within Apple’s component supply chain have struck again and have revealed another exciting tidbit about the new iPhone. It appears that the company chose not to rely on industry-standard on-cell technology. The next-generation Apple iPhone will instead use in-cell touch panels according to the new leak.

So why did the company decided to use in-cell touch panels? Well, it appears that this technology will allow the new phone to sport a lighter and thinner panel. This is possible because the technology allows the touch sensors to be placed inside a display’s color filters rather than above them. 

Sharp and Toshiba Mobile Display have reportedly been tasked with producing the new panels in the second quarter. This would then point to a launch some time in the third quarter this year.

What do you think about this rumor? Will a new display technology help a device that is as succesful as the iPhone?

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