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In this ever-evolving world, fashion and technology often go hand in hand as impossible as it may seem. Mobile phone makers are not only racing to produce high-end phones but fashionable handsets as well. A handset needs to a pack good features into a cool design to attract customers and drive sales. No wonder, handset makers are now working famous design houses to produce stylish fashion cellphones.

Here's a glance at some of the head-turning fashion phones that have been rolled out in the past years.

The Prada phone is the result of the collaboration of LG Electronics and Prada. Behind its sleek touchscree is a wide array of high technology features. For example, the toucscreen allows users to navigate the phone and enjoy the multimedia player.





If you want a simple but elegant cell phone, then you just can’t ignore Samsung’s SGH-E910. Developed by Bang & Olufsen and Samsung Electronics, this handset is expensive but offers excellent call quality.





If you’re a chocoholic, then the LG Chocolate may be the best phone for you. This dark and rectangular phone does not taste like Hershey’s or Cadbury but it garnered some prestigious awards for its excellent design and user interface. The LG Chocolate also gained distinction for winning the 2006 Reddot Design and IF awards.





The LG Shine is for those who want to shine and glitter in the midst of a crowd. The phone’s face and back are made with stainless steel, giving it a glittering silver mirror effect.





Targetting younger and trendy consumers, Samsung Electronics has teamed up with Versace to produce a cell phone that possess an original design with a twist. The Samsung Versus clamshell phone features a camera and music player.





Ultra-thin cell phones are always popular on the market and the slim Samsung Ultra Video can compete with the thinnest handsets. This slim phone has dual screens, extended battery life and stereo Bluetooth technology for entertainment customers.


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