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Many people do not realize that their cell phones can be connected to their computer and used as a wireless modem. One of the key benefits of accessing the internet via your cell phone is that it makes mobile computers users less dependent on finding Wi-Fi hotspots, or even worse, available Ethernet ports. While technology is certainly not new, the utility of this capability has increased exponentially. In the past, data speeds achieved by using mobile phones as wireless modems had not been much faster than 56Kbps and users experienced problems when they transmitted or downloaded large amounts of data. Fortunately, mobile phone carriers have introduced 3G services that offer broadband speeds ranging from 144Kbps to a possible 2Mbps per second.


How To Use Cell Phone As Modem For Wireless Internet?


To access the Internet via a cell phone as modem, the following prerequisites should be met. First the cell phone must be data capable and able to connect to a computer via a data cable or Bluetooth. Second, the user must subscribe to their provider’s data service. If your phone is not modem capable, then you will need to purchase a PC card modem for the laptop.

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile all offer wireless modem capable cell phones. The following information describes the services offered and how to transform a cell phone into a wireless modem.


at&t cell phonesAT&T : Using a AT&T Cell Phone as Modem


AT&T offers phone-as-modem packages ranging from $60 to $80 a month. In addition, users who have a voice plan with AT&T will benefit from a lower monthly usage fee.

Listed below are steps to help you get started using a handset as a wireless modem:


verizon wireless cell phonesVerizon Wireless: Using a Verizon Cell Phone as a Modem


Verizon's BroadbandAccess Connect is offered at $60 a month for standard cell phones and $30 a month for PDA phones. With BroadbandAccess Connect, you can use a cell phone, Smartphone or BlackBerry as a wireless modem for your notebook by connecting the two using a USB cable. You will not have to buy an extra PC Card if you have BroadbandAccess Connect.

The VZAccess Manager software is usually already installed on Verizon phones. If a handset does not have this application, then it can be downloaded. Standard cell phones may also need the $40 Mobile Office Kit, which includes a USB cable and PC software to use Verizon's phones-as-modem services.

The VZAccess Manager software should also be installed on the user's computer. To use the service, the user must open VZAccess and physically connect the cell phone to the PC, using a USB cable. The user should then wait for the application to identify the phone. After following additional instructions, the handset will function as a wireless modem.

Here are some of the Verizon handsets that can be used as a wireless modem:


sprint wirelessSprint: How to Use Your Sprint Cell Phone as a Modem


Sprint offers an Unlimited Phone as Modem plan that costs $50 a month. Customers may also choose the Flexible Phone as Modem plan, which is cheaper at $40 a month. Customers can transfer up to 40MB of data monthly with Sprint's flex option. However, a fee of $0.001 for each additional kilobyte to a maximum of $70 will be charged to customers who exceeded the 40MB limit. Sprint requires customers to sign a two-year service contract before they can use their handset as a wireless modem.

To use Sprint's service, a user should first download the free Sprint PCS Connection Manager software and install it on a PC. Then the user should connect the phone to the computer before launching the Connection Manager application.

Here are some of the Sprint handsets that can be used as a wireless modem:


tmobile phonesT-Mobile: Using T-Mobile Cell Phone as a Modem


Officially, T-Mobile does not support its phones as a modem. This means that T-Mobile Customer Care will not assist you if you ask them for help about using their phone as a wireless modem. Fortunately some of the company's handsets and recent Smartphones can, in fact, work as modems. Using T-Mobile phones in a certain way ensures that service agreements are not violated.

These tips can help you to set up your handheld for use as a modem:

First you will need a T-Mobile data plan that offers unlimited data access. If you bought a recent smartphone from T-Mobile, then you probably already have this plan.

Then you need to create a new modem connection. You need to create a new internet connection in Windows XP and choose a manual setup for a dial-up modem. The dial-in number for T-Mobile is *99#, with no name or password.

Then you need to enter a special "init string" in your modem's properties in Windows XP. You can find this under Control Panel. Go to Phones and Modem Options and choose the Modems tab. You can then begin to dial and connect to the Internet. Blackberry users need to make sure that the BlackBerry Desktop is running on the PC.

Here are some of the T-Mobile handsets that can be used as a wireless modem:

Now that you know how you can use a cell phone as modem to connect to the Internet while on the road and what you need when other Internet access options are available you can use your cell phone as wireless modem. With the right cell phone and online data service, the Internet is just a call away. 

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If you would like to learn more, check out the Wireless Modem article on Wikipedia.

i want know how...

i want know how to connect pc to mobile using mobile as wireless modem of tata docomo

my plan isnt listed

ok i have a 2003 sony vaio dinosaur laptop and an lg 220c and i run on straight talk unlimited service plan. how can i use a usb to phone cord to use my phone as a modem, what do i need to download, ive tried and fail due to lack of proper programs.

I don't understand the...

Am I the only one who remembers when most PCMCIA modem cards had an optional cell-phone connection cable? What is new about this? What stops someone from using any entry-level blue-tooth enabled phone as backup for a dial-up connection?

hi! how can I...

hi! how can I tether my samsung galaxy mini to my toshiba laptop?

i have a sanyo...

i have a sanyo incognito.i was wondering how can i tether using bluetooth or usb on a window 7 ultimate operating system.

AT &T cell phone at modem

We are planning to switch out phone company to AT&T. We currently have Alltel and use my Motorola v6 phone as a modem.
The staff at the AT&T store tell me I have to have a smartphone in order to use my AT&T serviced phone as a modem. They only have 3 choices in the store. I see you several non-smartphones listed that can be used as a modem.
Please let me know what the REAL scoop is on AT&T covered phones as a modem.


it ask for a security code,i do not no wut it is,nd help

modem questions

can my samsung freeform phone be use as a modem,and if so how? my phone provider is metropsc.


i have ipad and iwas wondering if i could use my cellphone as a router i have a motorola cliq with android and a htc d2 powered thru windows please help

samsung champ as a modem

hi there!

can i use my samsung champ as a modem to my laptop?

and how to connect it..

thanks... :)

using samsung champ as a modem

Samsung is one of the good moblie nowadays. You can make your mobile samsung champ as a modem. You just need to download samsung kies then it will automatically download into your samsung champ.Then connect your phone via USB. Then go to control panel>phone or modem option>then go to the dialing tab. Next is go to cntrol panel again>network connection>create new connection>connect to the internet.Set up the connection manually using dial up modem then follow the next instruction. I hope this will guide you thank you.

straighttalk phone

can straighttalk phone be used to connect laptop computers/ i have a lg620G model





Can I use my T-Mobile Samsung SGH-T239 Modem?


I've set up my Bluetooth on my Laptop. While the Laptop Bluetooth recognizes some of my Cell Phone features, it doesn't offer the Bluetooth Dialup Networking Option. It offers Personal Area Network, Serial, and File Transfer.

Can I use my T-Mobile Samsung SGH-T239 Modem?

Thanks in advance,

- Paul

Re: Can I use my Sprint Incognito as a modem for my laptop?

I just bought a new sprint incognito, and i am wondering if i can use it as a modem for my laptop, and is there any cost to this from sprint? thanks for your help....

need help

can I use my samsung comeback as a modem? and please someone tell me what do I need to use to my samsung modem?

to add connection string in extra setting in the phone and modem

i wanna add string into the connection string of dial up connection

how to add in the
phone & modem option
extra setting

how can i add other string in the above path.

plz send reply,

how can i use...

how can i use the LG volt from cellular south as a pc modem. i have the data card and the phone has a pc modem option when it is hooked up but my computer doesn't recognize it. is there something i can download?

T-Mobile as modem to Windows 7

HELP...can anyone tell me how to use a T-Mobile as a modem with windows 7 using a wired tether?

I do have unlimited data, I did create a new dial-up commection with the 99# dial-up phone number.

I followed all of the above help but still get an error message 533 (I think).

Any help would be greatle appreciated.

Thank yu,

T-Mobile as modem to Windows 7

Hi Ted,
You said "with the 99# dial-up phone number" ... it looks like you forgot the *
It should be *99# as the dial-up number.


i am looking in to getting a prepaid phone from verizon and need to know if i can tether it for internet if so how

cell phone

Can I use the G1 cell phone as modem hook up for my toshiba lab top?

G1 as modem

I would appreciate any answers that you may receive on this. I have a t-Mobile G1 which I've been told can be used to connect my Dell laptop but I'm having problems.

Thank you very much.


Samsung Highlight

Is the T mobile Highlight capable of being used as a modem

Sidekick LX Modem T-Mobile

Is there any way to connect to the internet through my Sidekick LX? I have unlimited Data

sidekick LX as modem

How can I use my sidekick lx 2009 as a modem - if this is possible?


my saleman told me that 9700 blackberry can be us as a modem but he lie t mobile say it can to but when i try it no go

using my boost mobile i465 clutch as a modem for my laptop

can i use my boost i465 clutch phone as a modem for
my laptop?


how do i use the wifi on my samsung lindy?

when i was in the mall, i connected with one of the wifi thingy there.. and still i cant connect..
it says service unavaiable..

do i need to do something there?? pls..help

Can I use a BB 8220 flip w/the unlimited data plan as a laptop

Can I use a BB 8220 flip w/the unlimited data plan as a laptop modem and if so how? Can I also get this for free ?

Blackberry Flip. YES.

Yes! I use mine for internet connection. You must have unlimited date transfer on your plan. You must also have the Blackberry Desktop installed on your computer. (this is the CD that came with your phone). Contact your carrier, and ask to be transferred to the "blackberry" department. Once speaking with a blackberry tech, they will give you instructions on how to set up the dial-up connection.

When using the connection, you must first open the Blackberry Desktop Manager software. Then simply connect to the connection set up by the blackberry department. If you try to connect without the software open, it will not work. (my carrier is T-Mobile... who I highly recommend... I cannot speak on behalf of the other phone companies).

Using Blackberry 8520

Hello Everyone
I recently changed PC's and I cannot get my Blackberry 8520 to hook up as a modem. It was working fine before. I installed the Desktop Manager 5.0 version but I continue to get a error message 628 regarding the modem. I contacted T-mobile and was advised that they will not help me. This is strange becuase up till a couple of months ago they did. They even used the modem feature as a key sales point with me and the blackberry and now they are saying hey figure it out for yourself. If anyone out there is using a 8520 with windows XP please take a minute to contact me. I would greatly appreciate the help 760 643 7758

phone as modem

how can I connect my blackberry 8100 to my laptop which has windows 7

Verizon Samsung rogue

Can i use my samsung rogue as a modem i have searched for days on how to do this?

I want to use my sprint htc touch pro 2 as a modem?

I want to use my touch pro 2 as a modem, so I dont have to pay additional costs, on top of what I already pay for my service. Any help would be helpful.

can i use my...

can i use my boost motorola i776 phone to connect to the internet on my laptop

Can i use the tmobile shadow as a modem?

My phone isnt listed in these options, can I use it? I need help installing

yes you can use...

yes you can use your t-mobile shadow as a modem. I'm trying to figure out my blackberry, but I'm using my husbands shadow now. For the shadow, I didnt need to do the steps here, this is ALL I had to do:
1. make sure your shadow disc is installed on your computer.
2. hook up your shadow and computer with your usb cable
3. on your shadow
-it the start button
-scroll to accessories (where the calculator and voice recorder are)
-go to the icon that says internet sharing
make sure the PC connection says usb (if not change it)
make sure the network connection says T-Mobile data
Then just hit the connect key (the left soft key)

I don't know why the shadow is so simple compared to other phones. I didnt have to set up anything on my computer other than installing the disc
I know they made the shadow, then they made the shadow 2 (mine was the 1st one)

yes you can use...

yes you can use the t-mobile shadow as a modem(I'm here trying to figure out my blackberry). I am using my husbands shadow right now. With the shadow you dont have to do these steps here, this is all you have to do:
1 Make sure you have the shadow's (that came with the phone) disc installed
2 hook the shadow to the computer with the usb cable
3 in your shadow
-hit the start menu key

help me

hi there team. i like u to help me. i like to use my cellphone motorola v360. as a modem and i like to use it for internet. please hlep me. thanks

T Mobile Laptop stick and cell modem

I used T-Mobiles cell for laptop modem and the laptop stick. Both work great on their 3G network


blackberry curve 8520

can i use my blackberry 8520 as a modem to my laptop

What are and How to

What are the steps i setting this up I have a Blackberry 8520 and I can't see how to do this.Please HELP!!!

BB8520 as modem

think this page will help you:

It lists 2-3 types of TMobile phones and even the Mac. That forum ( http://forums.t-mobile.com/t5/Internet-Connection-... ) has some helpful info on several of the TMobile phones.

I would say that...

I would say that roughly 90% of my work is published online and all my work must be submitted by electronic means. Such is the way for millions of other freelancers voip services, businessmen, consultants and footloose operators the world over. The internet has revolutionized how we work by making us available almost all of the time. This comes with a fatal flaw; the internet can fail.

Over the weekend, the modem provided by my ISP packed up. This is my first day being back to normal. However, I did manage to survive without my own internet connection. And no, I didn’t use someone else’s WiFi connection or scurry down to the local Starbucks. In this article I’m going to show you how to use your basic GPRS cell phone as a modem for your PC – and achieve fast speeds from it. I don’t mean a smart phone with 3G or anything of the sort – just any old cell phone from 2004 onwards.

The most basic way of doing this is to use the disc that came with your phone. My Samsung came with software for loading music and files as well as changing the phone’s settings. Look around on your phone’s software. See if you can find anything about ‘Connections’, ‘Network’, ‘Modem’ or ‘Communications’. If you do, there should be detailed instructions on how to use your cell phone as a modem. Mine was easy to set up, I just told it I lived in Ireland and it detected all of the necessary settings for me.


I am using my cell phone as modem but it is very slow. Do you know ways to boost the internet connection when using cp as modem?

T Mobile Modem Using!

Hi, Well thanks for giving me time to tell you a few glitches how to get Free Mobile Web for your T-mobile Cellular Phone Service with out paying for it. One day I had the older Blackberry rim cell phone one of those. I had it added to my cell phone plan, They offered it free. The Data Package called "Blackberry Rim T-zone Add-on" You want to ask for the free one, Not the BlackBerry Unlimited For $39.99 one, Tell them you Have an Older Blackberry that you wanna use and that you need that to get on the t-zones even those they think it just connects to T-zones, It will Connect to other Normal Mobilized web pages, Yes it will allow your phone to connect even to a Know social website Know as Twitter/ Facebook /Myspace and ECT. Instead of Paying that $9.99 per month, Charge, You can get it free. Plus the cool part about it, is if the Suspend your service due to non payment your mobile web will still work. You know your blackberry that you may have? Yes that will work for your normal websites you use for it to the only thing you might not get will be your Blackberry email but who says you need one right? You can't beat free! Anyone that can save money in this economy will do it.
Remember That it will work for regular cellphones with T-Mobile service and Flex Pay Service too, Will not work for prepaid service.
This Package will allow you to have Unlimited Data Instead of happen to pay for it!!!

How to set up the modem dial in properties. Follow theses steps Click create a New connection. click your Modem USB Drive as driver Auto Installed on your computer the driver has to be installed to make the right connection After clicking your modem connection follow theses step as its shown.

Under extra settings add this to connect to tmobile

+cgdcont=1,"IP","wap.voicestream.com" (Add that to the "EXTRA INITIALZATION COMMANDS")



Can I use the T-mobile my touch as modem

Is there a way to use the new T-mobile my touch as a modem for a laptop computer?



My Touch Modem

I was just wodering. Is there any way to use the new T-mobile My Touch phone as a modem?

cell as modem

down load pda net from ur market on your cell....easy to set up and use

my touch as modem

I downloaded the pda but it keep asking for software disk and i didnt get one with my phone. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO FROM HERE?

question bout phone

Is it possible to use the t-mobile 2008 sidekick lx as a modem for you laptop?

Wireless modems

Can the new Iphone 3G be used as a wireless modem?

BlackJack 2 Modem

I heard there was a way to use the BlackJack as a laptop modem without adding the ATT extra service. Is this true?

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