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We've made a couple of blog posts (one of them from March 2008) that chronicled the coming of the Dell Smartphone. However, an article from Wall Street Journal indicates that the intriguing Dell Smartphones will finally be revealed next month at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. Interestingly, it appears that Dell will launch two Smartphones, one running on the Google Android platform and the other on the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS. The WSJ article also reported that one of the the upcoming Dell will feature a touchscreen-only design while the other will resemble the T-Mobile G1 with its slide-out keyboard. However, it's unclear which of the Dell Smartpone versions will run on Windows Mobile and which will be based on the Android OS. Unfortunately, there is also a fair chance that Dell could abandon this venture into the Smartphone market before the MWC launch.



Cool mobile phone design

i find the design of the dell phones very unique.u can twist them and the camera quality is also too good

dell cell phones will suck

I believe that they will if they launch. I actually dont think that they will even launch as they have pulled back on stuff like this before.

If they do actually launch I wouldn't expect anything spectacular. Dell has a mobile design center around Chicago - meaning they probably have a shop set up in Schaumburg to poach engineers from Motorola. Unless they get the guys who designed the last hit phone that Motorola rolled out - which was like 10 years ago and it was the razor, I cant imagine they will come up with anything better.

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