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Tired of tethering your laptop to your cell phone to connect to the internet when you have multiple devices that need to connect?  I have the problem where I can't tether at all.  The solution is here!  You can turn your cell phone into a wireless hotspot with a few simple tools.

First gather your cell phone with wifi and make sure you have an unlimited data plan, otherwise you might be stuck with a $5000 bill.  Next download one of these simple software solutions to convert your device into a wireless access point: WMWifiRouter, JoikuSpot Premium and Light, WalkingHotSpot.  With these software applications ranging in price from free to $29.99 you'll get lifetime licenses with every single one.  Difference in software relate to operating system compatibility; WMWifiRouter is for Windows Mobile devices, whereas JoikuSpot is for S60 devices, and WalkingHotSpot supporting both OS's. Lastly be sure to check whether your wireless carrier allows internet sharing, as some do not.
This is great news for any wifi enabled device, allowing for downloads and more on the go fun.  Check out the links to see if your device is compatible.  Not willing to purchase the software just yet...there are also free trials for your convenience.

Can you do this with an iPhone?

Can the iPhone be a hotspot?
Do the softwares work with the iPhone?

iPhone Connection

For iPhone find "MyWi" I'm not sure if it has to be jail-broken for that but i don't think so.

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