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Am I the only one who feels confused by the MVNO, Helio? Before Helio launched, their website indicated they were going to be a company that brought the latest and greatest phones from South Korea to the US, thereby reducing our wait time for cool phones to reach stateside from East Asia. For phone gadget geeks, this promise was exciting, and with South Korea Telecom as one of the main investors, it seemed quite reasonable that this would, indeed, come to fruition.
Well, over a year later, Helio has an extremely limited selection of phones (4). From what I can tell, these phones don’t reflect the latest from our friends in South Korea. What happened? Where are the cool Samsungs and LGs currently in use in Seoul?
MVNOs can play an important role within the US wireless ecosystem. However, Helio's limited selection of phones do not differentiate much from the offerings of the other major carriers. Management must have switched their business plan after launch. Regardless, I hope Helio is ultimately successful. The more competition in the US wireless industry the better!

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