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With just a little bit of foam, Palm has shown its early adopters that they care, and that they do listen to online bickering. More info on what Palm has done with the recent shipments of Pres after the jump.

In the above picture, you can see that a small piece of foam was added to the battery department, as to fix a problem with the Pres getting a bit antsy and powering down when the sliding keyboard was shut too quickly (due to a small gap between the connectors on the battery and the ones in the phone). The foam helps to secure the battery in a comfortable, discreet way and to make this a non-issue.

Also, Palm has apparently fixed the "Oreo" effect that plagued many Pres, in which the sliding top half of the phone would beting to twist around on its sliding rails in a...less-than-desired fashion. (see below)

Finally, Palm changed the finish on the center button from pearl to silver. If this is a deciding factor in you purchasing a Pre...there's a Giorgio Armani phone that will likely suit your style.

They also embossed their logo into the microfiber sleeve given out with the device. Swanky, no?

All in all, the features that really bugged the early adopters appear to be fixed. That really shows that Palm is moving in a new, forward direction, and is actually listening ALONG WITH responding to their customers.

[preThinking via PhoneArena]

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