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How To Block A Phone Number On Your Cell Phone

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Want to be able to block an incoming call? Tired of hitting the ignore button everytime a certain number pops up? Do those bill collectors keep calling? Learn how you can block a phone number from calling your cell phone

Instructions Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:

  • cell phone

If you have a telemarketer on your tail, stop them by registering with the National Do Not Call Registry (https://www.donotcall.gov/). It takes 31 days for your registration to become final, but once it does, those calls will be no more

many applications depending on your operating systems. Heres a few: Windows Mobile - CallBlock, Pocket Call Bouncer, Xblockr Android - Gblocker, WhitePages iPhone - iblacklist, MCleaner BlackBerry - CallsBlocker, black & whitelist, icallmanager symbian - CallFilter, MCleaner just google call blocking apps for your phone to find more

Android phones can send calls straight to voicemail by editing the contact you want to send straight to vm, scrolling down and checking the box 'Incoming calls'

On the iPhone you can go to your security settings, go to incoming calls, select contact list only, and it will stop anyone except contacts you have listed from calling or messaging you.

With AT&T you can also block calls for $4.99 a month using parental controls

You can always do a silent ringtone, where you assign a silent ringtone to the specific number that keeps calling your phone

You can forward your calls to a different number or an extra voicemail box, try Google Voice www.google.com/voice (also with Google Voice you can Block phone numbers)

Another service is called YouMail http://www.youmail.com/home/index.do where you can also block specific phone numbers for free


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