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How To Clear Your Defaults On An Android Phone

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myTouch 3G
myTouch 3G

If you have multiple applications that accomplish the same task and have chosen one over the other as the default application, for example you picked Opera as your default browser but wish to use dolphin browser as your default, this how to will show you how to clear your default so you may select another.

Instructions Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:

  • Android device

press menu and tap settings

application settings
tap applications and then tap manage applications and you will see a list of your installed applications

manage apps view
scroll to find the application you wish to clear as the default and tap it

lastly tap clear default to clear that app as the default


Tips & Warnings
  • To set a new default, when opening something that requires two or more of a similar app, Android will ask you to select one of the programs, simply check the box to set as default before selecting a program.
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How To Article: How To Clear Your Defaults On An Android Phone

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