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How To Crop A Picture On Your Android Phone

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crop image
crop image

You can crop a picture to message to friends, save as a wallpaper, or email to yourself. Find out how to crop your pictures here, its quick and easy!

Instructions Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need:

  • Android phone

while viewing an image in full screen, press menu and tap crop

the cropper tool should appear which is the orange box on top of your image

to adjust the crop size touch and hold the edge of the orange box, when the arrows appear drag your finger in or out to resize the box, anything contained in the box will be your new image

To keep the aspect ratio of your image hold one of the 4 corners of the cropper box while dragging in or out

to move the cropper box to another part of the picture touch and hold inside the box then drag the box to the desired area

Once you crop your image as you like tap save


Tips & Warnings
  • The cropped picture will be saved as a copy on your SD card and your original image will remain untouched
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