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How To Install The Swype Keyboard For Your Motorola Droid

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Another Android keyboard has been leaked. Swype is an exciting new way to insert text on your Android device, simply Swype across the letters you wish to type in a word and Swype determines what word you are typing. They say it's faster than the original Android keyboard, and once you get used to this method it becomes more accurate and fun. Let's find out how to install this new keyboard on our Droid's shall we.


Hands-on with swype for android on droid eris (special swype version) MobileCrunch

Instructions Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:

  • Computer
  • Motorola Droid
  • Swype keyboard apk file

download and extract the apk file from the zip (http://droidmuff.in/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Swype-trial-release.zip)

download a file viewing application from the market such as Astro or lynda

plug your device into the computer and mount the SD card and copy the apk file to the root directory of your SD card

make sure you enable installation of files from unknown sources in your application settings

go to Astro file manager and tap on the apk file you just copied and install Swype

go to settings > language and keyboard uncheck Android Keyboard and check Swype

go to a text input box and tap and hold the input box, tap input method and select swype and you're all set to start Swyping!


Tips & Warnings
  • Swype is also available for windows mobile touchscreen devices
  • this download above only works with WVGA devices and is not formatted for other screens
Image/Video Credits

from http://droidmuff.in

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How To Article: How To Install The Swype Keyboard For Your Motorola Droid

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