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How To Recover A Cell Phone That Fell In Water

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Ever leave your phone in your pocket only to realize you just put your jeans in the washer. Or worst yet, you're using the restroom when you hear KAPLUNK...do you even want to turn around? Well rest assured, if you act fast, your cell phone could be on the road to recovery sooner than you know if you follow the steps below:

Instructions Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need:

  • vacuum
  • bowl
  • salt
  • rice
  • absorbent towels
  • time & patience

Remove your phone from the water asap! The sooner the better!

Remove the battery. This is a very important step! Removing the power from the electrical components can very well save your phone. To your phone its like sitting in a tub full of water and throwing in a plugged hair dryer. You don't want to electrocute your phone!

If you have a SIM card remove that as well. Place it on the towels and dab dry.

Remove any extra pieces, covers, accessories i.e. memory cards, ear pieces, slot covers. Then dry your phone with the towel. Get as much water out as possible. Shake the phone to get out internal water. Try to dry every nook and cranny with the towel.

Use your vacuum to suck out any moisture the towel could not reach. Use a small hose attachment and spend about 10-15 minutes vacuuming water out of crevices. Do NOT apply direct heat from devices such as a hair dryer or heater as this can damage electrical components.

Place rice or salt in a bowl and place phone on top. This will help draw out any remaining water inside the phone. Let phone sit in bowl for at least 8 hours.

Let your phone dry out for a minimum of 24 hours! Once all components look, feel dry, replace SIM and battery (making sure contacts aren't corroded and clean of any build up). Power on your phone, if it works you have successfully recovered your submerged device!

If your phone does not power on, try plugging your phone to the charger and powering on with and without the battery. If it works with the battery plugged in your phone just needed to be charged. If it works without the battery and plugged in you need a new battery.


Tips & Warnings
  • If your phone falls in salt water, rinse with fresh water first, and proceed with the steps above.
  • You can also try to blow water out with the compressed air, used to clean computer keyboards and other hard to clean devices.
  • Lastly, Be Patient...we all know how difficult it is to be without our phones but would you rather wait a day or have to purchase an entirely new phone and possibly lose all your contacts?
  • If you need an important contact and can't remember the number, check your phone bill.
  • Or use email to connect to contacts
  • Again, do not attempt to dry your phone with a hair dryer!
  • Water damaged phones aren't covered in warranty and companies have indicators to detect if this was the case.
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