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How To Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Wireless Router

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As a mobile society people are always looking for ways to stay connected. Have you ever carried your laptop around looking for a wifi connection? Or maybe your Nintendo DS or iPod Touch need a connection but you simply can't find a wifi signal...if you have a data/internet connection on your phone you can easily turn your handset into a wireless router and connect all of your devices. Heres how!


Instructions Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You'll Need:

  • Cellphone
  • 3G connection with data plan
  • wifi
  • cellphone router software
  • at least 15 MB memory

Download router software to your device. Many are available, free and paid. S60 devices: JoikuSpot Light, WalkingHotSpot Windows Mobile devices: wmwifirouter, WalkingHotSpot

Install the application.

Once installed, launch the application.

Change your settings to allow internet sharing.

Choose which internet connection to share with external devices.


Tips & Warnings
  • Make sure to update all of your firmware on either device.
  • Some computers may require a computer to computer (ad-hoc) connection.
  • Some service providers do not allow internet tethering.
  • Be careful which software you use as they might not allow for a secure connection.
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How To Article: How To Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Wireless Router

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