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How To Create Your Personalize Themes Using Your Own Pictures For Your Phones

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You can create your own personalize themes using your pictures aside from using the default themes for your phone. Here are a few easy steps to guide you on how to create your personalize themes.

Instructions Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:

  • You need to have your picture and your phone which is a 3g phone. Also you need to have an Internet connection.

First, go to this site: http://www10.ownskin.com/index?&r=1 Then create an account.Click SIGN UP, . Then you should fill out the form completely. When you’re done, just click the sign up button.

Now, click the CREATE NOW! Button. You will be directed to four categories:Mobile Theme, Mobile Animated Wallpaper(New !!), Mobile Flash and Super Flash(New !!) Please click on the MAKE A THEME.

After clicking MAKE A THEME, select Phone Model page, which will allow you to choose your phone model. . Select your phone from the list.

Next you will be directed to the Select Mode page, which allows you to choose between 2 options: Professional Theme Creator and Express Theme Creator. Select the Express Theme Creator.

Select Create Theme, which has three steps.First,create idle background. Click the Browse button to choose and upload image for creating theme.

Then,when you finish uploading your pictures you should be in Crop Image page which will let you adjust your pictures.After you crop the image you can preview it and if it looks good with you,you can now click done and proceed with the next step.

Now,we will crete Active Backgound which is same with STEP 6. Just click the Browse button to choose and upload image for creating theme, then crop the image after doing it you may now click done then proceed with the next step.

you may now proceed with this step.Which will let you choose to add in some extra customizations by choosing Advance Settings, or just Create My Skin Now! In advance settings, you can change the default application icons. You can lighten your image so that the black text in phone can be more visible.

we will now adjust the color for the Active Backgound so that the image won't be too dark and you can read the text easily. Now change the Active Background Filter to "FF" "FF" "FF" "0.4". as you can see the Active Background image get blurred,that is fine so that you'll be able to read the text properly.

so now let proceed with the Text & Icon Color.For simplicity, it categorized the text and icon elements into the top screen section and bottom screen section. Color changes apply to the whole screen section.you can change the color you want to appear in your Top screen section and Bottom screen section.

Now with the Analouge Clock Style you can change the design of your clock with these options Normal Hide,Transparent Background,Upload your own clock, image,Select other clock image. You can choose what features you want for your clock.

same with the clock you can choose your own design. It has also option for you to choose Normal Upload your own,signal/battery image and the Select other signal/better image. Choose now your desired clock design.

You can now change most of the application icons. To start to customize the icons, click Change Icons. If you want to restore the icons to original after you have made changes, click Restore Original.

with the Music Player / Calendar / Go to Background.you can choose a few more photos/images for your skin! You can put them in the background for Music Player (only V3), Calendar and Go to. Click Change to customize these backgrounds.

with the Popup Background / Selector / CallerID Background.This section is for you to personalize your menu popup background, menu selection bar and caller ID background! If you wish to change any of the items, press Change.

Then we are done now. Just click the Create My skin now! then download your themes now then install it into your mobile phone.then that's it.. Enjoy your personalize themes now..


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