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How To Upload Pictures To Facebook Using Your Nokia N-series Mobile Phone

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One of the main features that all Nokia N-Series has is their high quality cameras. Nokia, using the latest technology in imaging, has made the camera phones such as the Nokia N-Series to be able to take high quality pictures. But since you like taking pictures, you may also want to share them to others. You can do this by posting the pictures to a social page like Facebook and the likes. Don’t want to transfer the files to a computer? Don’t worry because you can easily upload a picture to Facebook through your Nokia phone. This step-by-step procedure will tell you how.

Instructions Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:

  • Nokia N-Series Phone

Press on the Menu key and open the “Web” option to open the phone browser. You can open this by pressing the middle key or by hitting “Options” and then “Open.”

Inside the browser, key in the url of Facebook, www.facebook.com. Hit on “Go to” and choose the right internet connection.

You will be directed to the Mobile Facebook page so you need to scroll down and look for the link “To access the main site, click here.” With this process, you will be able to login to the regular Facebook site.

The next page would state that the “Javascript is disabled on your browser.” You can ignore this because Nokia N-Series phones’ Javascript is enabled unless you yourself had disabled it.

Login to Facebook by typing in your email address and password. Hit on “Yes” when you are prompted to open the internet connection. Press again on “Yes” when you prompted about “Leaving a secure web page. Continue?”

When you are logged in to your homepage, highlight and select THE “Photos” tab. Hit on “My Photos” once the Photos page loads. This is located at the top of the web page.

You can choose “Create a Photo Album” or “Edit Album” to add in the pictures. Highlight and select “Add More” once the album opened. Clicking this option would send you to the photo uploader page.

You will see that the next page may not seem to load properly. Don’t worry, press once you see the link “Try the simple uploader.”

You can now choose the upload slot. Choose the storage where the picture that you want to upload is located. Choose the picture.

Put a mark on the “I certify that I have the right to…” check box. Hit on the “Upload Photos” button.

You will know that the uploading process is already done when you can already see the page where in you will be able to edit the captions and tags. That’s it. Your pictures are already shared to your Facebook buddies.


Tips & Warnings
  • Choose Wi-Fi connection if it is available. You will save charges on data connection by doing this. If not, make sure that your plan includes unlimited data or you might be charged so much for data connection.
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