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How To Get Ringtones On Your Motorola Droid

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The highly-anticipated Motorola DROID is finally out! Now, it's time to acquire personal ring tones and put them onto your cool Android smartphone. Here are the steps on how to get ringtones on your Motorola DROID.

Instructions Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:

  • Motorola DROID
  • MP3 software
  • MP3 ringtone

Begin by obtaining the clip of your selected MP3 for your Motorola DROID ring tone. This can be done by using various software.

Connect the Motorola ANDROID into your computer via the USB cable that came in the handset's box

A notification will pop up informing that you have connected the phone with a computer. Choose Mount

Open the drive on you handset and create a new folder and name it as “ringtones” (all lower case).

Copy the ringtone you've obtained from your PC and paste it in the newly created “ringtones” folder on the drive of your handset

Eject the drive and unplug the DROID from your PC

Set new new ring tone by going to Home -> Settings-> Sound & Display -> Phone Ringtone. Select the newly uploaded ringtone and... you are done!


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