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How To Sync The Htc Rezound With Itunes

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Owners of the HTC Rezound will find it easy to bring the music tracks and songs on their computer to their smartphone. One can also sync playlists created in iTunes or Windows Media Player to the Android smartphone. Here's the steps on how to sync your HTC Rezound with iTunes.

Instructions Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Click Music on the Device panel

Then click the On button. Turning Music sync on means you want this category included every time you sync your computer and the Rezound

Select Sync music files from, and then click Add.

Select Sync music files from iTunes and Windows Media Player if you're using either of these software on your computer

Then choose the playlists you want to sync on HTC Rezound


Tips & Warnings
  • You can sync audio files in these formats: *.aac, *.amr, *.m4a, *.mid, *.midi, *.mp3, *.wav, *.wma
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How To Article: How To Sync The Htc Rezound With Itunes

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