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How To Transfer Mp3 Files To The Samsung Omnia Ii

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The Samsung Omnia II allows users to enjoy their favorites tunes and songs via its media player which supports a variety of formats. Here's a guide on how to transfer MP3 files to your Samsung Omnia II.

Instructions Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:

  • Samsung Omnia II
  • PC
  • USB Cable
  • MP3 Files to transfer

Before you can transfer your MP3 files to the Samsung Omnia II, ones needs to set the USB connection setting to Mass Storage (Memory Card). You can do this by tapping Start and Setting

Then touch General Settings from the Basic Settings tab.

Touch USB Connection followed by Mass Storage method. Then touch OK or Done to save the USB Connection Mode setting

This time you need to plug the data cable into the handset's power/accessory interface connector.

Then plug the other end of the data cable into a USB port on the PC

Open Windows Explorer on your PC. Right click Start and select Explore.

Double Click on Removable Disk.

Navigate to stored MP3 files on your PC.

Transfer the files to the Samsung Omnia II. Simply copy and paste, or drag and drop, the MP3 files into the new removable drive letter (Memory card).


Tips & Warnings
  • Mass Storage: Enables a PC to store files directly onto a memory card residing within the handset or to My Storage
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How To Article: How To Transfer Mp3 Files To The Samsung Omnia Ii

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