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How To Use Motocast On Your Motorola Droid 4

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MotoCast on your Motorola DROID 4 provides direst and instant access to the files and media of your work or home computer. It allows one to view , stream, or download the files and media save to your work or home computer. Here's a guide on how to use this feature.

Instructions Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:

  • USB Cable

First you need to set-up MotoCast, select Gallery or Music from the Home screen or the app tray.

Then choose, Continue to begin the MotoCast set-up. Choose MotoCast and Set-up Now

Connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable to install the software. Then set-up the remote access and select Next.

Create a MotoCast account with a secure ID and password. Then select Next. Your ID will be created. Choose Next to sign in.

Choose the folder, files, music or videos you would like to share with your DROID 4. Then select Next.

Then sign in to your account.

To stream your favorite songs, select the Music app form the applications tray. Then touch Library. You will see the MotoCast icon next to the music that is streamed from your computer.

To download music to your DROID 4. Tap and hold a song, then select Download song

To view your pictures and videos to your phone, select Gallery from the applications tray. Then tap MotoCast and select what you would like to view.

Tap and hold a picture and video, then select Download to move it to your phone.

MotoCast also allows one to access the most important files. Choose Files from the applications tray. Then select MotoCast Computers and tap your computer ion the phone's screen. Then choose the file you would like to view and download to your phone.


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