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How To Tether Your Mytouch 3g To Your Laptop

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Lack access to a Wi-Fi network and wished you could use your MyTouch 3G as a wireless modem, but didn't want to root your handset? Now there is a free, simple, hassle-free, way to connect your MyTouch 3G Android handset to your laptop by using the PDANet Application.

Instructions Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need:

  • MyTouch 3G handset.
  • USB cable (MyTouch Compatible)
  • PDANet Application from Android Market
  • Windows Laptop

PDANet Android
Download PDAnet onto your MyTouch 3G handset from the Android Market.

Install application on your handset and follow the instructions. You will be asked to turn on the USB debugging in your Settings->Development screen.

Connect your handset via US to your laptop, accept the Windows drivers you are asked to install.

Launch the PDANet application on your MyTouch 3G and click on "Enable USB Tether."

Click on the PDANet taskbar icon to launch application and initiate the connection. Right click on popup and, bingo! You are surfing the web via your MyTouch 3G connection!


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How To Article: How To Tether Your Mytouch 3g To Your Laptop

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